ceramic pottery - Some of the wonderful ceramics - ceramic pottery art

Ceramic Art :Such as vases, sculpture, furnishings ceramics etc.

Ceramic Technology :Vases, flower pots, flower inserted, lampholders, garden pottery etc.

Ceramics for daily use:Tableware, tea sets, altar, pots, cans, plates, bowls, bathroom group, seasoning bottles, perfume furnace etc.

We have professional technical staff to ensure each products are high quality and a ceramic sample Development Research Centre.

Ceramic materials: ceramic raw materials from the quality of the ceramics factory , and through strict and stringent tests before production.

Production equipment: a raw materials processing workshops, molding workshop, casting and molding workshop, paint workshop, firing workshop, ceramics room, the development of ceramic art room, the tunnel kilns and electric kilns, and other special kiln etc.

Exported to Hong Kong and Taiwan, Middle East, UK, Japan, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries.
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