Pottery art .. absent in Egypt despite the years of civilizations

Haj Mahmoud Abdeen Sheikh Alfajarin, head of the Egyptian Association for the development of pottery and porcelain in Fustat, who was born in Cairo in 1934, inherited the profession from Jdodh «Alguenaoyen», love the profession from a young age size with it, did not complete his studies because he was the only breadwinner for his family.

It tells Haj Mahmoud secrets of the industry, saying: Sure there are conditions for workers pottery good, such that when it starts to be old is not more than ten years, because it is a career sense and a sense must be cultivated in the child when he was young, and concentrated in the palm of the hand knows when mud wine or « leveled »and then submit it to the maker Asbgh.

No particular form of a piece of pottery, Valassana make the form that comes to mind is a sense of a career first-class.

And stages of pottery, confirms that the Haj Mahmoud each piece its own way, there is a cut made in two stages and other pieces made in six stages.

And confirms the Haj Mahmoud that profession pottery profession very profitable anywhere, but in Egypt it is a profession very poor, although that Egypt has Fustat oldest city in the history of pottery from the era of the Pharaohs, in addition to the presence of seven cities mentioned in the history of pottery, including : Tunisia, Morocco, Fustat, Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico, and the oldest Fustat all.

What distinguishes Egyptian pottery is Handyman, Vassana Egyptian pottery is characterized by skill and proficiency.

There are different types of clay used in pottery clay there Aswani and Alaspocklh and Albrooslin silt Nile and best quality is mud-Aswani.

He says Haj Mahmoud: Many college students Fine and Applied Arts visit him a lot, and some of them attend the Postgraduate Pottery, indicates Haj Mahmoud to fondness and interest of French pottery, there is in the Louvre special part pottery whose Fustat, and in the late nineties traveled son Ashraf to France and take his Maker Pottery and Dolaba «machine used by the formation of pottery», mud and attended an exhibition in France a special manual work, and the French were standing in amazement and awe when they see Maker pottery is clay man or vase or child's play, written about 11 newspaper in France for the pharaoh Egyptian.

He recalls Haj Mahmoud stories with pottery, saying: I participated in the foreign film named «Ten Commandments» in 1955 tells the story of «Moses», where the request of the director working industry accessories for the film, and they were all made of pottery, and they bring accessories used in this time from America.

He went on Haj Mahmoud his speech saying: Zaman in the popular neighborhoods was a bridesmaid is not free of pottery, and the people of the bride are buying Chinese copper and the four reduced decorated ornaments, and luggage had to Arabiyat cart and wheel Ihamloh four Chinese Kull copper in the introduction, in addition to the ability of obesity municipal made also of pottery, and were present in the houses rich and poor, and the lack of Sbua In rural Alobor dough was Nip made of pottery.

On the future of pottery in Egypt, Sheikh WISHES Alfajarin be concerned with the state of the industry in Egypt, because the pottery industry in Egypt now die.
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