Pottery in the Arab World

This is the industry of traditional crafts of old, and there is no specific date or fixed to the profession, they are of folk crafts too old, has proved that as indicated by the fossil and archaeological excavations that have been discovered in many cities ancient, a pottery due some of which date to the fourth millennium BC.

Used in the manufacture of pottery clay particular, a dust of red saturated with water rain (not plain water), taken from a special area away from the palm or housing, and far also have intercourse with legs, or the arrival of people, animals or vehicles, you must be saturated with water rain enough, so that the rain stayed there for some time even turn into (blocks) mud small, then they have dried out from the rain later.
As for how the pottery industry, are done through the wheel is installed inside the hole in the ground, accounting for pots, and will then be entered into the Furnaces are made of stone, which bear the fiery very high temperatures.
The pottery types and forms, each with its specifications and names, for example, there is a small pitcher called Bulbul, and the great KrAZ, and the largest Asaliya, then there is the jar, and Zyr is dedicated to store drinking water.

Of these industries:

o (pottery jars) called (Massakhan) and plural (Mckna), is used to store and cool water Vtkon has a special flavor, taste and interesting times in the heat.

o There unit made to save the milk and cooled, a nozzle with a wide range called (Gehlh) or (Aihlh) as pronounced by some in the Gulf states, also called the pitcher of milk last name Sometimes it is (Almkhaddh)

o cruise: It is a (Mcknh) routine, but smaller ones, and is characterized by the existence of a special mouth on his chest called (finger), as is the case in some (Jkat) water now.

o evaporator: He is known by his name, but much smaller than (evaporator) normal-known, with the stars (pinworm)

o piggy bank money: a spherical hollow vessel and sealed only incision to introduce paper money and coins and has a base to install, and if filled with cash broke to take money from them.

o gutter: pottery tube open sides were placed in the land of the roof for rain outside, and perhaps find this scene in some old photos displayed by the TV sometimes.

o love, Zeer: love, broken ha, looks like a large vase (Khers) Next mentioned, it may be four handles (plates) if small, if the pot without handles a large so-called love, albeit a small so-called (ministers). It uses Zeer to store water, and may put some bottom, (tap) pour water.

o Khers: a large bowl very used to store dates, opened wide so that it can enter the boy to compaction dates two men.

o chair water pipe: pipe private blocked base, cone-shaped head open, and the slot side, which is hollow, is shipped with water and used for the sole purpose of: storing water (the water pipe) and the latter is also known in the Gulf as (Qadu), or as they are called Lebanese ( waterpipe), which is very much like in shape and work: (Altamierh Arabia) scattered these days, and the difference between them is that Altamierh shipped material called (Jerak) while (water pipe) shipped a special kind of tobacco old Iraqi called (Altaatn), and some peasants called chair waterpipes (b Altnzalh)

o head water pipe: Cover clay in the form of a tube, connected open sides, base Lower wide, and narrow the higher the even become just a small hole, which is made in the form of art, and placed in the head a small piece of stone the size of a grain of chickpeas, covering this hole, but some aspects of the small air passage, and called these stones (Aellouklh), and placed above (Altaatn) then it embers, and processed to be placed on the upper nozzle water pipe.

o Lucilia: any piece of pottery broken any of the product, was used for cleaning hands and legs rubbing winter days instead of soap earlier, makes the skin where clean and soft

o enlightenment: a large bowl of well-known name, is still using today in the making of bread and types, as well as used to cook some meals and banquets.

o Akhabah: like enlightenment, but its base sealed and placed in a pit of their own in the ground are built in to be adjacent to the store or room dates from the outside, and are used for the reception of honey dates (molasses) chain of vessels dates palmate (qubits) to some in the store dates, and known to be (molasses) is added to bread (Algaymat) operating in the holy month of Ramadan for desalination.

o Gehlh Ambasssev: Mckna wide mouth is placed where the type of dates Statistical called (Arziz) or other types of dates as well, and Ambasssev is this dates when good wash, and covers a thin layer of honey dates (molasses) with the addition of love sesame, mint and love (sweet) .

o Alujag: He is known by that name in the people of the Gulf, and is known in some parts of the Kingdom as (Alujar), a large plate size has three ribs form a rectangle and a base, and rib fourth Open, is used to ignite the fire and heating, tea and coffee.

a bowl: The Algdharh, and saucer, and storytelling: pottery known from its name and different sizes according to demand, and are used for the same purposes modern, but bowl, and Algdharh, also used for watering poultry, birds, cats, and storytelling is also used Kaina where you plant some plants and nurseries. The shear: Cup broad shape, and the pot (love) as well as the above-mentioned uses to grow some houseplants.

o soup: is Mckna with nozzle beautiful, her special form, which is provided with two handles opposite (Arutin), and his experience forms and products pottery can distinguish between the dozens of other shapes and know that these are: (soup) and were placed in the bedroom newly married.

Looks pottery and crockery are similar in shape and method of use, but the character of each region unique, especially in the way the industry which vary from one region to another. Example, Morocco and known Palmjmar tagine followed

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