To work ceramic between water and air

      After the completion of the formation and treatment and coatings, are subject pottery for the drying process natural outdoor to rid the dough of water that contains it, so as to avoid what may Ihs her from cracking during grilling, turn the dough clay dried impact warm to material fossilized solid and cohesive, and turns paint to crust solid as well, Temperatures approved in Chi dried mud between / 600 and 1400 ° C / depending on the components of the mud, and the process Shi ceramics and pottery in ovens vary according to time and place in its architectural structure, even in the ways of combustion and means, incinerators primitive is open fires composed of a hole in the ground or from space are placed where the pottery center of flammable materials such as wood and dry grass and manure beasts and grilled in the open air, and this method is primitive does not help to get outstanding results due to the weakness of the heat and the difficulty of monitoring barbecuing, to accompany this the process of disintegration and cracked and crashed for some manufactures, and put out the fire and get Products pottery which material is used dirt to cool the pieces and smoked at the same time, and this is what leads to leaving patches of brown or black on the surface of pottery so-called product potter in this case Elmaragash or smoker.

      The most common form of ovens thing, is the oven, which consists of the combustion chamber (house fire) that are built above the room thing, and relate to the oven by holes implement them heat to the inside as it works to Shi products mud dried and isolated more often about the course of the smoke, it is worth mentioning that several models of these furnaces have been discovered at the site of Sarafand (Srepta), and in the center of Beirut fossils, dating back to different historical periods from the Phoenician period until the medieval period.

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