Feb 25, 2010

Castle Hedingham Ware

Castle Hedingham Ware An art pottery studio founded by Edward Bingham at Castle Hedingham in Essex, England. It was in production from 1864 to 1901 and made in a style reminiscent of medieval and Tudor wares. Bingham produced some large items, with 'Essex' jugs up to three feet high being typical. Bingham also made many smaller yet colourful frequently mimicking the medieval revival style.

The pottery is somewhat similar to Elton Ware pottery made by Sir Edmund Eltham of Clevedon Court in Somerset at about the same time. However, Elton was more adventurous with his materials and experimented with slip as well as specialist glazes including a striking development of the crackle glaze. Castle Hedingham pottery was less refined in its finish.

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