May 30, 2010

All What You Need to Making Ceramic Pottery

nce the very beginning of ceramic making, ceramic is very popular to make decorative household and tiles. And in the 17th century, a company named Ashura began to mass-produce ceramics in Nove and Bassano. Ceramics create the walls of houses and palaces looks beautiful and lustrous, plus combination of patterns or motifs to make the wall to be more interesting and artistic.

Nowadays, ceramics pottery is an interesting hobby to do at home to fill our spare time. Maybe some of us are inspired by the famous film “ghost” to create a beautiful small mug or jar. It is no problem, although you have never done it before, you can learn basic techniques basically about 1 or 2 weeks only. In addition, you need to note is the selection of ceramic materials to make it easier to you to create an object and a set of basic tool kit to help you to enhance its designs and motifs.

On AMACO/Brent, you can choose a wide selection of ceramic materials, tools, and other additional fun stuff to get started your ceramic pottery project. Firstly, you have to choose your clays. Today, it is recommended to use talc-free clays for those who want to the start the project successfully for the first time. Talc-free clays are easy to use and most of ceramic art educations use it. Clays also come in various colors and types such as low fire clays, high fire clays, self-hardening clays, and air dry clays. If you don’t have any ceramic pottery kiln or oven, you can use self-hardening clays instead of fire clays. And please do not use a home oven for baking process.

After that, you will need electric wheels to create symmetric object such mug and jar with ease and some optional tools and materials such as knives, needle tools, rubber mat, pasta machine, sandpaper, carving tools, pottery glazes, glitters, embossing powders, acrylic paints, etc. After all tools you need are complete, it is ready to make. Don’t forget to download free lesson plans and some technique sheets from to help you to make unique, colorful ceramic pottery.

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