Jun 20, 2010

Preparing the Clay for throwing

When preparing the clay for throwing,

Please use caution when working around dry clay dust.

It contains free silica's.

When deciding which clay to use, consider these variables:

what type of piece, it's function and firing temperatures.

The clay can be dry mixed in a large plastic bucket or plastic barrel

adding enough water to cover the clay. Allow the clay enough time to absorb the water

completely to the bottom of the container. You can stir the clay water mixture

by hand {part of the fun is getting dirty}.

Continue to add water to the clay until it has a batter like consistency.

More water is better than not enough.

Once thoroughly mixed let the clay stand , letting the water rise to the top,

sponge excess water off and let it stand until you can pull the clay out in clumps.

This process takes several days to complete.

Once completed, turn out onto a large plastic sheet

to begin the mixing and wedging process.

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